Photo Credit: Harold Tobin

"...Pictures have more power than scientists or voices or anything else to open the world's eyes..."

David Doubilet, National Geographic Photographer

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand. Photo Credit: Harold Tobin

A bit about me

I find that looking at life from different perspectives helps me appreciate moments that I might otherwise overlook. One of the beautiful things about photography is that it forces me to see life through a different lens (both metaphorically and literally). To me photography began as a means of personal escape and artistic expression. But through it I've gained a deeper appreciation for this planet and everything it has to offer. The ability that photography has to communicate the wonders of this world, is to me, the most beautiful thing about the art.

My second great love is studying the natural world through the lens of geology (see my research page). Photography and geology intersect in wonderful ways. For one, my understanding of this earth influences the ways in which I see and capture different aspects of this planet. On the other hand, my photography serves me well in presentations and talks that I give, as well as in the classes I teach. One of the great failures of many scientists is their general inability to communicate their science to the masses in meaningful ways. I believe photography has a unique ability to communicate the unnecessarily esoteric aspects of science, and to do so with emotion, beauty and honesty.