Thailand Video

Time is a fickle thing. Despite living in Thailand for 6 months of the past year, my time there feels like an eternity ago. Putting together this video has been a difficult endeavor. First, its been tough simply finding the time to do so, more significantly, however, revisiting my time there has been emotionally taxing. As anyone who has forced themselves out of their own comfort zones knows, there is a freedom, a liberation of self found beyond that threshold. It becomes particularly notable when you return to find that threshold further out than it previously was. Naturally, that experience is an emotional one. Sifting through my hours of footage to compile this 5 minute video has been a condensed revisitation of that emotional journey punctuated by the fact that my time in that incredible country is a thing of the past. This video (like most of my videos) serves more as a selfish and narcissistic diary of my time than anything else. For that reason I'd like to thank those of you who do watch it for taking the time to empathetically glimpse an experience of mine that will forever be an important one in my life.

The Best Medicine

Returning from Thailand has been a whirlwind of reverse culture shock. In a matter of 2 weeks I returned to CO--while my girlfriend went home to OR--walked back into my job for corporate America and moved into and apartment in Denver. Needless to say, its been a bizarre and abrupt transition from Thai time to American time (and I mean that with respect to more than just timezones). About 5 days after getting back I needed to escape. I was dealing with everything pretty well, but I needed to decompress. So I took my cameras to the mountains. Spending time documenting beautiful things is not only one of my favorite things to do, but I also find it epically cathartic. It just so happened that I escaped on a perfect night for some astro-photography. No clouds and a new moon made for a bitterly cold but beautiful night. Having spent the last 6 months at 0ft. of elevation, spending the night at 12,000ft. was a bit taxing. Some minor altitude sickness and general chill aside, I sorely needed the mountainous medication.

A Day in the #teacherlife

A while back Marika posted a "Day in the life" post in our travel blog ( It inspired me to put together a "day in the #teacherlife" video. While the video by no means captures the happenings of everyday, especially the crazy stuff (i.e. the snake in my classroom today), it serves to illustrate the goings on of an average day for me. Hope you enjoy!

This blog

The first post on any blog is always an awkward declaration of something or another. For my last blog initiation, I posted about how my mom would likely be the only person to read the blog. While the same holds true for this blog, this blog also serves as a platform for me to document my thoughts on certain things. In all likelihood, I'll simply share and write about photography of mine, but in all honesty, I don't know what this blog will become, or where it will take me. Until then, I'll keep clicking my shutter release.